3rd Party Logistics

Onestop Logistics Solutions, Inc. provides professional logistics solutions covering our customers’ needs. We take care of our clients through a wide range of logistics services: less-than-container-load cargo consolidation, sea freight forwarding, project cargo handling, hazardous waste materials transport, lube oil transport, end-to-end dangerous goods handling and trucking.


Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) Consolidation is OneStop’s nationwide service catering to the cargo transport needs of shippers requiring less cargo space and share container space with other cargoes of similar points of destination.

In addition, OneStop provides a value added supply of “Smart” boxes in 3 different sizes for shippers who want their cargoes packed with extra care and security. The “Smart” box breaks the traditional 1 cubic meter (CBM) minimum volume requirement for shipments. Now, shippers can ship using the “Smart” box even for shipments that are less than 1 CBM.


OneStop provides ocean freight forwarding to key cities and major ports nationwide. It also provides hauling/trucking, project cargo handling, and hazardous waste materials/dangerous goods transport.

OneStop is a DENR (Department of Environment & Natural Resources) recognized transporter of hazardous waste materials with DENR Transporter I.D. No. TP13-39-0030.

OneStop handles the following hazardous waste materials, including, but not limited to: acid waste, alkali waste, organic chemicals, organic solvents, oil sludge, ink, paint, latex and adhesive waste.

OneStop also provides ISO tanks for the transport of liquid raw materials or finished liquid products in large quantities or in bulk such as chemicals, oil, ethanol, alcohol, chlorine and the like.

OneStop has a fleet of 30 brand new ISO tanks that meet the UN Portable Tanks specification and are class certified based on the International Tank Container Organization or ITCO standards.

Each ISO tank can load as much as 25,000 liters of liquid products and has safety features and accesories like collapsible handrails, wider walkways, and tamper-resistant valve assembly.

OneStop’s expertise in hazardous waste handling starts from the origin facility to the treatment storage and/or disposal facility using the proper waste transport system and processes.