How We Started

On December 29, 1948, Robert C.F. Ho and his father- in-law, Don Ambrosio A. Magsaysay established A. Magsaysay, Incorporated. 

The destruction of the Philippines during the second world war brought about great opportunity to become involved in the post war reconstruction of the country and Magsaysay set out enthusiastically to make its contribution in shipping which was a prerequisite for national recovery.

Throughout the early 1950s, Robert C.F. Ho, together with his brother-in-law, Miguel A. Magsaysay worked actively in the Filipino Shipowners Association to draft and promote the approval of the Philippine Shipping Act of 1955. The legislation remains to this day the foundation of Philippine overseas shipping.

This act gave the needed impetus to organize a new liner company to service the Philippine-Japan-U.S. trade route to compete with the traditional liner companies serving the country at that time.

Magsaysay invited other Filipino shipowners to form a consortium and the dream came true with the establishment of the United Philippine Lines (U.P.L.) in 1958. 

Out of 18 vessels ordered by various Filipino shipowners, 7 newbuildings were commissioned by U.P.L. 

Another 2 vessels, the M.V. Transocean Merchant and the M.V. Transocean Shipper were ordered by Magsaysay Lines, Inc. for its own account. 

This newbuildings set the stage for a new and modern Philippine shipping industry.

Magsaysay Shipping and Logistics is a privately owned Manila-based group of companies. It was borne out of a partnership by two companies that are considered as respected institutions in the maritime industry of their home countries.

In 1988, government shipping arm National Marine Corporation( NMC) was privatized and this led to its acquisition by Magsaysay Lines, Inc. and FIM Holdings HK, Ltd. NMC now forms part of Magsaysay Shipping & Logistics with several strategic business units directly under its management.

To date, Magsaysay Shipping and Logistics Group is primarily engaged in full-container liner shipping, 3rd-party logistics, tankering & petroleum barging, shipmanagement, marine bunkering, agency & brokerage, chassis leasing & hauling, port equipment, tour operations & fast-ferry charters, marine repairs & services and marine consultancy.

Magsaysay Shipping and Logistics continues to build on its current services as it continually develops its systems and processes with a team of committed and dedicated employees who are guided by the company’s corporate values focusing on caring for your business and beyond. 

Last July 2006, Magsaysay Shipping & Logistics launched a slogan contest within the organization last July 2006. The slogan must be in line with the organization’s governing core corporate values, its mission and vision. Hence, the birth of its present slogan, “We Care Beyond Business…”

It is also during this period that a shift in corporate name(commercial) was undertaken, from NMC Group of Companies to Magsaysay Shipping & Logistics.